Our Vision

Everyone should learn about the importance of caring for one’s body to perform at highest levels mind-wise, for a sustained period of time. To get this message to the masses is our vision. We do that by means of articles, podcasts and direct, individualized fitness coaching. The chess training we provide will be tailored to your needs and playing level. We will show you the way, all the way, to the top.

Our Story

Chess is a mentally demanding game; everyone recognizes that. But not many realizes that without a fit body, the brain can not function effectively. When I was younger (and fitter), I played pretty good chess, with relative ease. Fast-forward few years, I have made some poor diet choices, adhered to some wrong workout strategies and as time went by I gained some weight. As I packed on the pounds, my mental performance declined.

By adapting a healthy diet and effective fitness routines I was able to reduce my fat levels beyond my imagination. And by that my ability to focus, the ease of playing chess all came back to me. Everyone should obtain this knowledge. Everyone should know and follow the right way.

Meet the Team


Founder & CEO

Weight-lifting, Non-fiction-reading, Quote-making, Poem-writing, Creative-thinking, Chess-loving guy. And the brains behind this initiative.


Chief Marketing Officer

Irrational. Weird. Creative. Funny (maybe). Sometimes clever.

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